Yves Roy - Novice
Le Jus de la Folie 20cl, 2019

Grower: Yves Roy - Novice
Region: Poligny, Jura, France
Grape Varieties: Melon a Queue Rouge, Chardonnay, Savagnin
Viticulture: Uncertified Organic
Size: Half

Yves Roy (or "Novice" as he's decided to call project) is, as you might guess, a newcomer to the world of winemaking. After training with and acquiring some vineyards from Valentin Morel, he's branched out to bottle just a few cuvées from his miniscule 1.7ha of vines. This is his first released wine, plus the first of his wines to make it to the UK, and we're incredibly excited to have these little ponies on our shelves. This wine is made in the charmat method and has fine little bubbles that give wonderful life to a plump, mineral palate. The perfect road soda, stocking stuffer, little tipple. Regardless of what you're intending to do with it, it'll be loads of fun.

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