Vinyer de la Ruca
Banyuls , 2012

Grower: Vinyer de la Ruca
Region: Banyuls, France
Grape Varieties: Grenache
Viticulture: Biodynamic
Size: 75cl bottle

The fruit grows, as pictured above, wild on sheer shale terraces along walls of dry stone. It is battered by wind from the sea and soaked in mediterranean sun. The vines here are tended to without machines or chemicals, by hand and mule. Crops are ridiculously low, 300 kilos of Grenache per hectare yields just 1000 bottles a year. Grapes are crushed by foot, destemmed by hand and fermented naturally. The wine is bottled unfiltered with no additions. This would mean nothing were it not for the drink. Dark, saline and full of ripe, impossibly deep fruit, it tastes like nothing we know and is a world away from what we think of as Banyuls. Vino da meditazione perhaps, but its balance opens up pairings with an impossible pair of foods.

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