Vigna San Lorenzo
Col Tamarie Col Fondo, NV

Grower: Vigna San Lorenzo
Region: Veneto, Italy
Grape Varieties: Glera
Viticulture: Biodynamic
Size: 75cl bottle

Affectionally named ‘mountain Prosecco’ by its makers Alberto and Marta. This Pet Nat is produced at a healthy elevation of 450m in the hills of San Lorenzo so it seems an apt name. These two winemakers are dedicated to the care of their plants and the ecology of the vineyard. Going to extraordinary lengths beyond the classification of simply organic, they measure and channel energy through various means, using a combination of amethyst (stone/cyrstal) in areas of low energy, and copper in others where proper ‘channeling’ is in need. Do we believe in this type of vineyard voodoo here at Noble? Well to be honest it’s a redundant question, find me a better natural Italian fizz for this price and I’ll realign your chakras for free.

Beyond simply glera, (the grape that Prosecco is known for) there’s a few others in this cloudy unfiltered blend. Bianchetta, grapariol, boschera, verdiso, all of which are pretty obscure varietals but all deliver a satisfyingly prickly and savoury laden aperitif moment. Not-quite-Prosecco, but distinct and rounded around the edges while maintaining its freshness. Utterly drinkable.

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