Respiro, 2020

Grower: Valdibella
Region: Camporeale, Sicily, Italy
Grape Varieties: Nero d'Avola
Viticulture: Organic
Size: 75cl bottle

The name of the cuvée, “Respiro” means ‘breath’ or ‘to breathe’, and is a reference to the simplicity of the wine and the farming in the vineyard.

Organically farmed alongside biodynamic methods, the vines see no chemical fertilisers and no sulphites are added at any stage of production. At Valdibella they believe that due to the level of their hands-off approach, this wine is a simple and natural as breathing.

A cooperative of ten organic farms, they not only focus on growing native grape varietals, but also crops native to the region, including grains, almonds, figs and olives. They have a deep commitment to preserving and strengthening the biodiversity of their surroundings and have always represented a strong community engagement, working to empower disadvantaged peoples and to try to counteract the influence of the local mafia - they are proud members of the Addiopizzo anti-mafia movement, and display this logo on all of their packaging.

Respiro is 100% nero d’avola grown on clay soils in a south facing vineyard in Camporeale, in the province of Palermo in north western Sicily. The grapes are hand harvested, and then the ferment commences with the assistance of a pied de cuve (essentially a smaller ferment, pre-made to then add to the primary harvest/ferment to ensure a healthy and robust start with only the wild yeasts from the vineyard), in this case it’s made from grapes picked from the same site just days before. The grapes then undergo 10 days maceration, and are pressed off into to steel tanks to rest for 6 months.

Respiro is an absolutely joyful expression of type. Beautifully plump, reddish-purple fruit weaves hand in hand with a pleasing, fine tannin. Structured, but not heavy handedly so, cherries, earth and a delicate smokiness blend together to create a truly sumptuous and engaging wine.

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