Succés Vinicola
Experiencia, 2019

Grower: Succés Vinicola
Region: Spain
Grape Varieties: Parellada
Size: 75cl bottle

The new Catalonia, pioneered by Mariona Vendrell and Albert Canella in 2011, backed by the initiative “viver de cellersites” a program for entrepreneurs who are looking to create a business making or selling wine with minimum risk. Allowing them the freedom to own and operate a space and machinery to make wines for up to 10 years. An exceptional program that aims to democratise the entry points into wine, which is prohibitively expensive in certain ares. Also remarkable for what I assumed was a strict traditional and commercially driven wine region where orthodoxy and bulk yields were the order of the day. Perhaps it’s exactly these regions that attract those that push against the flow of industrialisation.

Native varietals lead the charge in this DO of Conca de Barberà, parellada and trepat specifically. Environment is as ever a driving factor for the viticulture. Organic and ecologically focussed with manual harvesting and intense selection in the vineyards.

Parellada is often tucked into blends that go into making the regions ubiquitous cava. Missing its chance to be savoured as a single varietal wine. Experiencia is lush with steely acidity. Saline in places. To be enjoyed thinking that young people still have a chance to do something noble with their lives, different to being slotted in front of a screen typing notes that 1% of humans will read. Salut!

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