Raphaël & Émélie Beysang
Nouveau Litre, 2020

Grower: Raphaël & Émélie Beysang
Region: Beaujolais, France
Grape Varieties: Gamay
Viticulture: S.A.I.N.S
Size: 75cl bottle

Beaujolais nouveau from a couple legends! While we don't totally get behind the BoJo Noveau trend (really a money grab by the late, very entreprenurial Georges DuBeouf to get more lower-end Beaujolais exported to the American markets), we do celebrate it's pre-capatalistic origins, when vignerons would celebrate the end of the harvesting season. But no matter the intentions or the history, we love getting this wine in from Raphael et Emelie; it's super juicy, bright, and wildly fun to drink. A quick update; it's pretty reductive at the moment, so we've pulled it from the shelf for now. We'll enjoy it greatly in a few months time... so if you think about drinking it before 2021, buyer beware!

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