Vin d'Autun, 2008

Grower: Plageoles
Region: Gaillac, France
Grape Varieties: Ondenc
Viticulture: Organic
Size: 75cl bottle

Quite simply one of the best sweet wines we have tried. The vintners go through the vineyards and pinch the peduncles to stop the sap from flowing to the fruits. The grapes then slowly dry out, thanks to the Autan wind, which blows from the southeast. Later they are carefully picked and left to desiccate even further on straw mats, with a method similar to the one used to make straw wines. After pressing, the grapes ferment and the elevage in concrete tanks lasts 12 months. The wine combines a remarkable concentration with a briskness and verve you would not expect from a wine with 300 gms of residual sugar per litre. One to savour!

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