Ciambelline al Vino Rosso,

Grower: Ombra
Region: Hackney, United Kingdom
Grape Varieties:
Size: 75cl bottle

*please note we cannot ship this item - collection or local deliveries only* Ok- we see you eyeballing those little sugar granules and thinking like, wait- sweet and wine don't go together. And BELIEVE YOU ME I was skeptical. Don't even get me started about chocolate and wine. If you've been the victim of my ramblings about this I am retroactively sorry. Anways, I was like, what are these crazy folks at Ombra doing, what is this Roman nonsense. I was told to DIP THE CIAMBELLINE IN MY WINE. Ludicrous! But being the dogmatic rule-follower that I am, I dipped. You dipped, we dipped! That sweet, sweet dip! And let me tell you, that shit GOES. It WORKS. Dip it in your red wine for a crunchy, kinda savoury, kinda sweet treat sure to hit you right in those holiday feels. Mulled wine is cancelled. Long live Ciambelline!

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