Noble Fine Liquor
Summer? I Don't Even Know Her, 2021

Grower: Noble Fine Liquor
Region: Hackney, United Kingdom
Grape Varieties:
Size: 75cl bottle

Ok well it’s nearly June and I’ve yet to bare my arms so here we go with another stimulating edition of my cries for help our table mixed pack!

Perhaps it was that one night in April I went out on a limb trying to have myself a nice dinner outside on the Hackney Riviera and the combination of freezing rain and a burning scalp that sent me down. Maybe it was the momentary humoring of the mere concept of international travel only to have those dreams dashed by the colour amber that did it. Maybe it was that one really fun night followed by the swift departure of every last molecule of serotonin from my body that finished me. Regardless, I, like many of you, my friends, need a drink.

Folias de Baco Pet Nat Branco, what’s to say about a wine that feels a hell of a lot like Vinho Verde but with bubbles and an unproblematic origin story unlike that of a particular redundantly named wine brand that shall remain unnamed. Partida Creus’s BN feels like a mental trip to Catalunya where if you really tried to get there you might even feel like you’re hearing the crash of a distant wave and smelling the salty air. Tutti Frutti Ananas Nespola: another wine from a warm, sunny, friendly place so far from the hell I’m living. Surprise! It’s orange wine. Because I am nothing if not disastrously committed to pleasing people. It’s a little tropical, a little juicy, and a little pithy in all the right places. Pierre Cotton’s Rose certainly looks the part and tastes like it looks. Julie Cathcart and Toby Bainbridge are expats making wine in Anjou and while they couldn’t quite figure something even remotely French-sounding to put on their labels they have succeeded in making a delicious old-vine grolleau and for that we celebrate them. Valdibella is a co-op in Sicily that gives the finger to the mafia and makes natural wines, in this case a nothing-added nero d’avola which tastes like what we wished all nero d’avolas tasted like.

So there we have it, another month closer to death closer to a vaccine, closer to travel, closer to a time that we might look back on all this and say, whoo boy that was dark.

Anyways there you have it, a few of our current favourites with a wee discount to help us collectively wade through the sluggish days ahead. From my mental instability to your glass.

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