Noble Fine Liquor
Only the Classics Mixed Pack, 2020

Grower: Noble Fine Liquor
Region: Hackney, United Kingdom
Grape Varieties:
Size: 75cl bottle

A mixed pack made specifically with customers who lean more on the traditional side of things. While the wines presented here are still farmed and vinified in accordance with our ethical standards (organic-plus farming, spontaneous fermenting, minimal additions), they're all bottles that feel whistle-clean and incredibly versatile for a wide range of wine drinkers.

Domaine de la Pepiere Muscadet is a wine we've been working with for ages and for good reason - it does it's job incredibly well. Slightly textural and deeply mineral, it's a bone-dry wine that makes an incredible pair with shellfish and seafood.

Filippi's Castelcerino Soave transports you to the rolling hillsides of the Veneto: it's a crisp and lightbodied white with hints of herbal and white fruit character.

Casa Coste Piane is our go-to for easygoing bubbles, it's much drier and leaner than any syrupy Prosecco you might find at your local Sainsbury's.

Terre di Pietra Piccola Peste is light and balanced, with soft red fruit and just a touch of earthy character.

Le Jonc Blanc makes Antigel, a Bordelaise style wine that's incredibly versatile for food pairings as it's medium bodied and gently structured. And Candea's Tinto is a bit of a richer tipple, with silky black fruit and a long spice character.

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