Noble Fine Liquor
On the Wilder Side Mixed Pack, 2020

Grower: Noble Fine Liquor
Region: Hackney, London, England
Grape Varieties:
Size: 75cl bottle

Orange wines, juicy reds, glou glou, natty bangers - whatever you want to call them, we've got them here for you. While we know that these are wines that some stuffy somm in a three piece suit might roll his (yes, obviously male) eyes at, we also know that sometimes you just want to drink something that feels alive and vibrant and bursting with character and energy - even if that energy is a bit chaotic at times. Hey, these wines are alive just like you and me - we can't always be perfect. And there's loads to love about these wines, so we've compiled them in a tidy little pack for you that takes the tough decision making off your plate and into our ever-capable hands. So let's discuss the pack. Baglio bianco: you know it, you love it. Catarrato macerated on the skins for a couple weeks from a coop in Marsala, Sicily. Textured, herbal, round. Wilder Satz is somewhere between an orange and a white wine, as some of the grapes involved are macerated and others are directly pressed. Anyways, it's super juicy and wildly fresh and aromatic and just a good all-rounder to have on hand. Camillo Donati makes the Ribelle Rosato, which is a sparkling barbera from Emilia Romagna. It's juicy and fun and has lots of herbs and earth character behind it. Domaine Lattard makes a "zero-zero" gamay (no so2, fining, or filtering) and it does really well with a chill and falls easily into "juicy banger" territory. Valli Unite's Alessandrino is consistently one of our top selling wines and for good reason - it's cheap and cheerful, easy to pair and immensely drinkable. Simon Busser makes A Bras le Côt in Cahors and it's in fact 100% malbec (côt is just the local name for the grape). It's dense and textured with a true wildness to the nose of it and a savoury crunch to the palate. These are all wines that are made with character and drinkability in mind - drink them however you like, but we'd recommend drinking them quickly!

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