Noble Fine Liquor
Coming Up Roses (Or Trying, At Least), 2020

Grower: Noble Fine Liquor
Region: Hackney, United Kingdom
Grape Varieties:
Size: 75cl bottle

Another mixed pack from yours truly here at Noble Fine Liquor. Some things have changed since we've seen you last, and now our feelings of crushing hopelessness float in the limbo of post-American election bliss and pre-lockdowned Christmas terror. Not to fear! We have a mixed pack for that. Let's begin, shall we.

Chartogne Taillet, Cuvee Saint Anne. It's the Champagne that we drink when we're celebrating and the Champagne that we drink if we need a good old bathtub cry. Alexandre Chartogne makes some incredible fizz at a wildly accessible price point and if we must face facts that the only unchanging thing is change itself then we better get to drinking this in abundance and quickly, too.

Waiting for the Miracle: ah, Dani and Adam Davies, making perhaps the only truly natural ciders and perries out of their ramshackle shed in Powys, Wales, in their free time making artisinal pizzas and shielding Adam's daughter from the harmful gender roles present in a certain Suidae-based children's program that shall remain unnamed. We must protect and support these people at all costs.

Sybille Kuntz makes bone-dry riesling in Mosel and it's very good and you will like it even if you're certain you'll hate it.

L'Indigene is orange wine from Domaine Bohn that you could blackmail your conservative brother with because you can pretend it's white and once he says he likes it you can pull the old switcheroo and reveal it's true nature. It's mineral and crispy and lightly aromatic.

From one bruja to another I highly recommend the Comando G Bruja de Rozas which is old vine granacha from nearby Madrid and has a touch of smoke and spice and everything nice and you could drink it chilled or not, because you are the bruja of your own fate.

Fond Cypres is making a comeback here not because we are wildly uncreative but rather because you all like it so damn much and we are doing this for you, we do this all for you.

So there we are, another day, another mixed pack (read: cry for help). Happy November, everyone.

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