Espadin (700ml) Candido Garcia Cruz,

Grower: NETA
Region: Mexico, United States
Grape Varieties: Mezcal
Size: 75cl bottle

In March 2015, under the light of a full moon, Candido and his family harvested 90 gigantic, quiotudo Espadín plants from a mineral-rich parcel of their land. On this parcel, they grow their maguey alongside alternating crops of the corn, beans, and squash that provide much of the food for their family. Later that month, they roasted the sugar-rich piñas with mesquite wood in their earthen oven. The cooked piñas rested for a week before being chopped by machete and passed through a mechanical mill. The dry fibers were let to sit for two days before they added filtered water to the fermentation tanks. After 16 days of fermentation, the tepache was ready for distillation. Candido worked the copper pot stills with his two daughters. He adjusted the richness of the batch with heads, hearts, and común macizo, which yielded roughly 900 liters of this destilado de Espadín.

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