Michel Guignier
Mystère de Rosée, 2017

Grower: Michel Guignier
Region: Beaujolais, France
Grape Varieties: Gamay
Viticulture: Uncertified organic with biodynamic practices
Size: 75cl bottle

Nestled among the trees in the hills between Fleurie and Chiroubles, Michel Guignier's 7 hectares teem with life, promoted by the biodiversity so rarely found in the otherwise monoculturistic agriculture of Beaujolais. Michel has been labeled by many a man with the "bon sens paysan" - it's a term that doesn't quite translate, but it speaks to Michel's intuition as a farmer. And farmer he certainly is - on his farm he raises cows and grows cereals alongside his vines, plowed with the help of his draught horse, Bistere. If the farm itself isn't testament to his hard work, one look at his gnarled, rugged hands might be. Michel comes from a lineage of vigneron, although he's the first of the family to move away from selling of grapes to the local cooperative, and certainly the first to take up biodynamics. With the help of winemaker Christian Ducroux, Michel moved to fully organic farming with biodynamic practices in the year 2000, and by 2007 Michel moved to no-additions winemaking after several trials in previous vintages. The wines benefit from the healthy soils and plethora of ecosystems inhabiting the farm, with the individual cuvées each with their own distinct personality and reflection of terroir. We feel very lucky, and humbled, to have Michel's wines gracing our shelves. A bit of an oddball cuvée from Michel; 2017 was a complicated vintage, which resulted in a sputtering, long fermentation of this wine. In turn, it's got a touch of VA, uncommon for Michel, but finds a happy home on the palate here, giving a spritzy, pink-lemonadey character to an otherwise serious, long fruit character. A good representation of what happens when life gives Michel Guignier lemons...

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