Blush, 2019

Grower: Manon
Region: Adelaide Hills, Australia
Grape Varieties: Pinot Gris
Viticulture: Biodynamic
Size: 75cl bottle

Easily one of our favourite Australian wine projects, Manon finds itself nestled at a cool 600 metre altitude off the Forest Range, welcoming cool breezes from the gulf and fully diurnal temperatures. The vines are surrounded by woodland, giving them much-needed shade from the hot Aussie heat in the summers, while adding to the already-prominent biodiversity featured on the farm. This blend of chardonnay, savagnin, and gargenega gains complexity through mixed vinification methods, resulting in a wine that shows restraint on the nose and quiet dignity on the palate, with knife-edge acidity and just a touch of tropical fruits that give roundness to the palate.

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