Jolly Ferriol
Pet' Nat, 2015

Grower: Jolly Ferriol
Region: Languedoc-roussillon, France
Grape Varieties: Muscat a Petit Grains, Muscat d'Alexandrie
Viticulture: Organic
Size: 75cl bottle

This Jolly Ferriol wine which is made in the Pétillant Naturel style and which goes by the name of Pet'Nat, is a beautifully savoury sparkling wine made from 100% Muscat, that white grape so beloved of the Languedoc and Roussillon. This one is a 50-50 blend of Muscat à Petit Grain and Muscat d'Alexandrie. The vines grow in schisty marl soils and the yield is very low at around 20 hectolitres per hectare. The grapes are picked by hand and then vinified naturally in vats for about three weeks. The wine is bottled before fermentation is complete to ensure that the wine is sparkling. The wine is disgorged after about 5 months in the bottle and then topped up to clear the bottle of the lees which form.

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