Empirical Spirits
Ayuuk (50cl), NV

Grower: Empirical Spirits
Region: England
Grape Varieties: ?
Size: 75cl bottle

Ayuuk begins at the central market in Oaxaca City, Mexico. Amongst the myriad of spices, chocolate, coffee and produce, Empirical were taken by the depth of flavor of one particular chili. Pasilla Mixe is a special, smoke-dried chili grown at 2,700 meters above sea level by the Mixe people — known in their native language as Ayuuk. Once fully ripened, the chilis are partially dried on the plant, and finished on wicker racks over gnarled hardwood smoke. The true Pasilla Mixe possesses a twilight, dark red fruitiness and a unique earthiness that reflects the rugged terroir in which it grows.

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