Domaine Mada Edouard Adam & Pauline Bousquet
Khallina, 2019

Grower: Domaine Mada Edouard Adam & Pauline Bousquet
Region: Languedoc-Roussillon, France
Grape Varieties: Clairette, Grenache
Viticulture: Organic
Size: 75cl bottle

A true young gun in Languedoc, Edouard Adam started vinifying his wines after taking over humble restaurant, maison d'hôtes and their adjacent vines in Gignac. Now he farms this small plot in Gignac as well as a few plots in Herault. Originally from Tunisia, Edouard was studying in Montpelier when he started doing harvests in the Languedoc and caught the bug for winemaking. Since the onset of Domaine Mada (a palindrome of Adam, or the French verlan), Edouard has paid careful attention to the biodiversity in his vines and has employed hands-off vinification techniques in the cellar; he uses only barrels for both fermentation and aging and never tops up. In the end, Edouard produces wines that don't hesitate to take risks, wines that teem with energy, wines of great reward.

The influence of barrique fermentation and aging is felt here and much to the pleasure of the drinker; a little spiced vanilla, sandalwood, and musk tone carries through the palate and gives a wonderful warmth to the otherwise fresh pink fruits.

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