Geneviève Delatte & Nicolas Bertin
L' Échalier, 2016

Grower: Geneviève Delatte & Nicolas Bertin
Region: Rablay-sur-Layon, France
Grape Varieties: Chenin Blanc
Viticulture: Organic
Size: 75cl bottle

An immensely textural chenin from one of the most prestigious postcodes in the Loire. Geneviève Delatte and Nicolas Bertin eschew additions of any kind in the cellar by allowing their wines time for long elevages in barrels. During that time the Echalier develops a dense, almost-oily, mineral-rich character, punctuated by an incredibly long, satisfying and silky finish. With a whisper of ripeness that harkens back to the tradition of picking botrytised grapes in this region, this wine is true to its origins and expertly executed.

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