Our Venues

We Are Noble are first and foremost a group of people driven by a shared passion for all things cultivated with focus, care and creativity — be it wine, food, design or anything else. What started as a single wine shop on Broadway Market in 2013, has grown into 4 varied spaces across East London. Each site has its own identity and approach, but wine, passion and creativity are the threads that ties them together.

P.Franco Shop & Bar 
107 Lower Clapton Road 
London E5 0NP 

Born out of a desire to have somewhere local to drink the wines we love. P.Franco was opened in 2014 and is loosely modelled on the cav-â-manger style of service found primarily in and around Paris. Its a wine bar, a shop for the local community, and a no-reservation dining space.

The kitchen isn’t big (just two induction hobs on the bar-top), but the talented chefs that have rolled through our space certainly make it feel special. No matter who is at the hobs (it changes every 6 months or so), seasonality and sharing are at the heart of P.Franco. There is no formal wine list and our 'by the glass' options are governed by the bottles we have open at any given time — all of which hopefully means a good conversation to help you choose what to drink.

The space is dominated by a large central table and lends itself to atmospheric jostling, casual leaning and hopefully a conversation with an interesting stranger. We aim to be hosts before restauranteurs and hopefully that rings true if you’ve ever sat at the table and talked shop with us.

Bright Restaurant 
1 Westgate Street 
London E8 3RL 

Bright is a neighbourhood restaurant, wine bar, wine shop & providore near London Fields. Both the food and wine are guided by the seasons, cooked and served with care. As the largest of Noble's sites, it has both a dedicated dining space as well as bar and outdoor seating.

The charcoal grill is the foundation for the kitchen with the first question always being, what is available? The menu varies day to day based on what we can source from our friends on the farm, at the dairy, or out at sea. What excites us most is cooking whole fish, birds and larger cuts. As is the case at P.Franco, fresh pasta also remains both a passion and focus.

Bright’s wine list is written with a keen eye on the food offering of the time, and as a result, it changes regularly, and with the seasons. From Burgundy to Pantelleria, Champagne to Pet-Nat or even aperitif to digestif there’s a wide range of aromas and flavours on offer. Our list showcases some of the great regions and wine styles of the world and remains uncompromising in its dedication to organic farming principles and low-to-no intervention winemaking.

Peg Restaurant 
120 Morning Lane 
London E9 6LH 

Peg is the youngest and smallest of Noble's sites but is by no means the runt of the litter. She’s a small neighbourhood restaurant & wine bar on Morning Lane, just a stone's throw from Noble, Bright and P.Franco. The past year and a half have stopped us all in our tracks and made us think more about what it is that we want to be doing and we’re no different. We’ve decided to make some changes to our offering here at Peg with the major change being a transition away from a la carte and into a set menu. The new offering will be 4 courses + snacks for £45 and the influences on show will be broadened to encompass our wider travels. We will simply cook and serve the food we like to eat.

The drinks will be as expected from us with our new GM and Wine Buyer Paris at the helm with a continued focus on producers farming with vineyard health at the forefront as well as honest, minimal intervention and transparent winemaking.