About Us


We created Noble Fine Liquor because the local bottle shop we wanted did not exist.

We wanted a place that offers fine drinks for all occasions - humble wines for the everyday table, great wines for contemplation, and beer and cider for everything in between.

A place where everything on offer is a product of human passion. Where the wine reflects a great sense of place, or terroir. Where we could enjoy regular tasting events, and a sense of community.

We created Noble Fine Liquor to be that place.

France, Italy, and Germany – the 'Old World', that's our specialty, where we find places that produce the finest expressions of grape: the Jura, Loire Valley, Champagne, the Burgundy regions of France; Piedmont, Sicily, and the less well known regions of Italy; these are what we love most. But then we also have a big soft spot for German Riesling. And with beer we focus on the great craft beer being produced in London and the UK, with a small selection of special beers from mainland Europe.

'Real' wines, 'authentic' wines, 'natural' wines, however you want to label them, the wines we love have a few things in common. They reflect the grape, earth, and weather, the skill and passion of the grower, and the history and tradition of a specific culture. This notion of terroir is remarkable – what other consumable liquid harbours so much meaning and interest?  

We are not dogmatic about the term 'natural wine', which can be both ambiguous and misleading.  Our wines are generally made with organic or biodynamic grapes, fermented with indigenous yeasts, and made with a minimum number of interventions on their way to the bottle. Ultimately, our focus is on wine quality, identity, and diversity. 

We taste and carefully select all our wines before they go on our shelves. Every bottle is one we would drink ourselves. We don't stock wine and beer just because we think it will sell. Everything from our best value drink to our highest end Burgundy is there because we love it.

That's Noble Fine Liquor. Enjoy the online store, and drop in and see us on Broadway Market. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us at the the shop.

James, Liam & The Noble Team