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Orange wine

Orange wines are wines made from white grapes that have spent a prolonged amount of time in contact with their skins, a process that can add real interest to familiar grapes. Styles run the gamut - from fresh, brisk whites with uncommon flesh and grip to brooding, amber wines full of baked fruits, salt, spice and cheek-sucking tannins.

Most white wines are white precisely because the grapes are pressed and discarded straight away, leaving just the juice inside, which is mostly sugar and water to make the wine. But the skins of grapes contain a wines DNA - its colour, aroma and tannins.

We think that for each grape, from each plot, in each vintage there is an ideal amount of time that the wine should spend with its skins - the point in the curve where you can coax as much information from the grape as possible without killing its nuances and letting the process speak loudest.