Our love of Champagne here at Noble runs deep, and the real crux of our interest focuses on grower Champagnes. Grower Champagne is a subset of all Champagne production, defined by a winemaker actually owning and farming the vines that they use to produce their wine (referred to as recoltant-manipultant in French). Although it seems obvious, in Champagne, it’s the exception more than it is the rule. 

A region wrought by pomp, circumstance, and foreign investors, Champagne can feel out of reach and out of touch for many. Grower Champagne offers a soothing alternative to the world of mass-produced, industrial, and often downright unpleasant tasting Champagne. Grower Champagnes reflect their proper terroir, the vintage or vintages it was produced in, and of course, the delicate touch of the winemaker behind them.