Eric Bordelet
Poire Granit, 2018

Grower: Eric Bordelet
Region: Normandy, France
Grape Varieties: Pears
Viticulture: Organic
Size: 75cl bottle

After years working in the illustrious Michelin-starred Parisien wine scene, Eric Bordelet returned to his native Normandy to try his hand at cider production. With encouragement from friends across the industry including the late Dider Dageneau, Eric picked up the trade, starting with his family's own 19 hectares in Chateau de Hauteville. With time the production expanded, with new plantings future-facing, as they'll be producing fruit by the time his children are at the helm. Eric's time as a sommelier surely inform his ciders, with bottlings that exude energy and find wonderful balance. Poire Granite comes from fruit of 300 year old pear trees that stand at well over 18 meters high, never touched by chemicals. It's a cider that is whistle-clean, with incredible focus and delicacy to the fruit character. A fine and detailed perry, unmatched in elegance.

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