Judith Beck
Ink, 2019

Grower: Judith Beck
Region: Burgenland, Austria
Grape Varieties: Zweigelt, Sankt Laurent
Viticulture: Organic
Size: 75cl bottle

Judith’s family estate occupies 15 hectares close to the Hungarian Border in Burgenland, Austria. The vines grow in close proximity to Lake Neusiedlersee, benefiting from its micro climate of storing heat during the summer and slowly releasing it at night to create optimum ripening conditions. The focus here is on traditional local Austrian varieties such as zwiegelt, st Laurent and blaufrankisch. Since 2007 they’ve been applying a solely holistic approach to the viticulture. Convinced that through using their own biodynamic preparations the soil has begun to re-generate and mend some of the harm created from more industrial practices of the past. A synchrony of working with the land, animals and lunar cycles has resulted in healthy disease resistant plants. A way of working that rings true with us here at Noble.

In opposition of more heavy handed producers in the region, where the use of toasted new oak is frankly rife and considered a mark of excellence, Judith prefers a more lifted modern approach in the cellar. 'Ink', is all the while dark and brambly and (dare I say it) inky, with a little spice and grip, but there’s enough freshness to keep this feeling light and bright. This one suits the summer and winter months alike.

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