Baglio Antico
Bianco, 2020

Grower: Baglio Antico
Region: Sicily, Italy
Grape Varieties: Cataratto
Size: 75cl bottle

This is it. This is the affordable, 'smashable', entry level orange wine you’ve been looking for. This is the wine that’s going to set you apart from the cuveè shop piss your friends so often force on you. We know it’ll never reach the heady heights of macerated stardom such as Gravner or Radikon, but you know what, that’s ok! You just want to crush a bottle at a friends place. And this is that bottle. Tasting notes: orange……no but in all seriousness this is a lovely little savoury number, with an enticing peppiness on the nose, ginger root, herbs and bruised fruit on the palate

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