Yann Bertrand

Beaujolais, France

Yann Bertrand’s parents, Guy and Annick, purchased the domaine where Yann currently works in 1992, and at that time began farming under organic principles, although they were selling the grapes to local cooperatives rather than vinifying themselves. As a child and young adult, Yann likely saw the laborious work of his parents as rather archaic, and decided after school to transition away from work in the vines in favour of city life.

After moving around a bit, Yann found himself applying for jobs with “son of vigneron” on his CV, which landed him back in the wine trade, but this time on the floor of shops, bars, and restaurants. He started to understand the mythos of wine, natural wine particularly, and followed the careers of legendary winemakers like Jean Foillard until finally landing back at the family’s domaine in Fleurie. At that time he began to look after one hectare of the vines with biodynamic principles, and in time, took over the farming and vinification of the 7 hectare estate. 

In the cellar, grapes are brought in overnight before going into tank for full carbonic macerations. Yann also seems to have a side interest in collecting used barrels from around France; he’ll curate the pairing of his cuvees to these pre-owned barrels, selecting each thoughtfully, seeking out complementary elements between his wines and barrel’s origins. 

Now, Yann’s made a name for himself as a young winemaker to watch; following the principles of those who have come before him but with the energy of a younger generation of vigneron.