Valli Unite

Valli Unite is a true co-operative that came to form under a united realisation. A realisation that commercial, chemical driven agriculture firmly presented itself in opposition to their beliefs and morals of what good farming practices were. And so fifty years ago three friends decided that control should shift to their hands. Through raising their own livestock, growing their own crops, cultivating their own vines and eventually building their own agroturismo, Valli Unite was founded. A story that, in this weary eyed wine merchants opinion hasn’t been echoed nearly enough over the past few years.

Beyond just simple ‘country’ wine, this twenty five strong group now make bread, cheese and cured meats. Visiting them is like stepping into a Piedmontese version of the film ‘Babe’, full of glee and rustic charm except that this little piggy finds its way into the most deliciously ‘farmy' Campagnolo salumi I’ve had to date.

Ottavio is the man behind the wine, and one of the original three. 20 or so hectares under vine means he has plenty to keep himself occupied throughout the year. Biodynamics are of course at the fore, integrating livestock, plant and man as a matter of standardisation. And working with traditional Piedmontese varietals such as cortese, timorasso, croatina, barbera and dolcetto.

Whatever your opinion is on the wine, and there are some haters out there, these are undeniably honest hardworking and open people that have kept course in the pursuit of communal, co-operative and conscious living. Living with vitality and a collective spirit.

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