Tutti Frutti Ananas

Banyuls, France

Born of the rugged, steep, and often brutally hot climate of Banyuls in the far south of France, Tutti Frutti Ananas is a collaborative winemaking project from Manuel of Vinyer de la Ruca, Joachim Roque of Domaine Carterole, and Ze Tafe of Caves des Nomades. 

Under their own respective labels, each winemaker has a distinct voice and approach to the terroir of the Roussillon, but as a collaborative project, they’ve decided to attempt styles that bring a bit of ease, refreshment, and accessibility to the region. Grapes hail from a shared, organically farmed site, planted on schist, sand, and quartz, and are vinified in their shared cooperative space. All fermentations and elevages take place in large concrete vats, and once bottled show wonderful freshness, approachability, and just a touch of that warm Banyuls fruit.