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Sybille Kuntz

Mosel, Germany

For centuries of generations the Kuntz family have been involved in the business of winemaking in the region of Lieser, close to the border of Luxembourg in the East. They’ve covered a wide gamut of the industry from the production of barrel making, through to bottling, growing and selling. Which, when it comes to Sybille’s character and approach is unsurprising that she has an unflinching and deep rooted work ethic.

She was increasingly disappointed with the wines produced by the families estate and knew there was a better way forward. After her studies she returned to the family vineyards in the mid 80’s and shortly after began to convert the 18 hectares to Eco certified and then to full biodynamic viticulture in 2016. Refusing to be influenced by any style, trend or approach of the time, Sybille began to focus solely on cultivating the best that Mosel has to offer. With a long ancestral lineage and a well of self belief she did just that.

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