Slobodne is a Slovak word, whose closest translation means ‘freely’ or ‘freedom’. Ever since they moved back home to the family farm from their careers in the city, sisters Agnes and Katarina (and their partners) have striven to work and live freely, and to create freely, too.

Their farm is about an hour east of Bratislava and has been in the family for over 80 years, and in that time they’ve faced many challenges and hardships. The effects of WWII and then post-war communism on the region nearly saw the end of the family business, but after many years of toil from their parents, the farm (including 17 hectares of vineyards) is now in the hands of the next generation.
The sisters returned to the fold and picked up what their parents had started, and now they aim to honour and embellish the hard work of their forbears. Be it working with Quevri or Tinajas in the cellar or crafting sparkling wine and macerated whites, their drive and innovation has led them to create wonderfully expressive and characterful wines, time after time.