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Liguria, Italy

Aris Blancardi of Selvadolce: a man who wears many hats, and who has lived many lives. Prior to making wine, Aris was a horse doctor (despite being allergic to horses), as well as a keen traveller, spending quite a bit of time involved with wild camping and sailing trips. He’s now settled back in his home of Liguria, just a stone's throw from Cinqueterre and the cliffs overlooking the Mediterannean sea. 

When he had first returned to Italy, he tried his hand at the family business of flower farming, and quickly became engaged with the sciences behind agriculture. Little by little, and with the help and inspiration of natural winemakers like Stephano Bellotti and Nicolas Joly, he pulled up flower patches in lieu of vines, and began biodynamically farming the plots. 

An ever enigmatic character, Aris rarely drinks and is therefore not strictly engaged with the natural winemaking community at large. He relies on instinct, an internal tool he surely would have sharpened with his experiences wild sailing and camping, and sensitivity in the cellar to determine the shape and direction of his wines. 

We are continuously impressed by the wines of Aris, how clearly they evoke the sunshine, salinity, rugged earth and heat of Liguria, and how breathtakingly complete they are; to drink these wines is to feel truly transported.