Ruth Lewandowski

Utah, United States of America

Named after the Story of Ruth in the Old Testament, wherein a woman experiences a rebirth after the death of her husband and two sons, the concept of reinventing oneself or beginning again is central to the philosophies behind Ruth Lewandowski. The winemaker behind it all, Evan Lewandowski, got his start working for the restaurant owned by American wine importer Zev Rovine, where Evan had the opportunity to attend wine training and got the taste for the alternative side of the industry. After several stints with rather commercial winemakers, he ultimately ended up properly studying enology in Walla Walla, and had his longest run of apprenticeship with natural winemaker Christian Binner in Alsace. 

Since starting the Ruth Lewandowski project on his own, he’s been acting as a negociant winemaker. Evan has fitted out a U-Haul with a refrigerated interior, with which he transports grapes farmed in northern California back to his home state of Utah for vinification. It’s certainly a labour of love. Now several vintages into his project, we feel the wines of Ruth Lewandowski have really found their groove, at once speaking to their place of origin and coming together to create something wholly unique.

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