The brainchild of a very experienced and much awarded sommelier from NYC, Jordan Salcito, this delightful spritz has followed in it’s creators steps with accolades raining down from The James Beard Foundation, The New York Times, and even R i h a n n a!

Having worked as a sommelier at 11 Madison Park and co-ordinated the wine lists for the Momofuku group in the US amongst other achievements, Jordan has a clear and steady vision of what she does - and doesn’t - want from a beverage.
Certified organic zibibbo farmed in Sicily, blended with organic grapefruit juice and carbonated. Simple, and effective.

It’s refreshing to find a product in the  mass produced, low margin, low morals, high gain ready-mix beverage world that is open about its ingredients, origins, practices and its message.
With only naturally occurring sulphites, Ramona is even filtered with bentonite clay to ensure that it remains vegan. No refined sugars, no additives and (dare we say) no holds barred when it comes to blowing their own horn, Ramona has nothing to hide, not even extra calories - for those that are concerned the Ramona Dry Ruby Grapefruit comes in at 90 cals.