Patrick Bouju & Justine Loiseau

Auvergne, France

Much more than just the man that let Action Bronson hump his fibreglass tank. In fact, much more than just a singular man behind a singular project, as he’s often depicted. His partner, Justine, is a very active part of the vineyard work and vinification process. 

Together, the pair farm a few hectares of land in Auvergne, where they’re a big part of the lively, artistic, perhaps a touch crunchy community of natural winemakers. Since “Fuck This is Stupid” “Fuck That’s Delicious” aired, the wines have become in ever-increasing demand, and has prompted the pair to look further afield for grapes to source and vinify as negociants. 

It’s these negociant wines that are most widely available, and to some degree have shaped the public opinion about the wines of Bouju and Loiseau. And sure, the wines taste great, look great, and are actually available to a wide market. But for those of you who might be willing to put a bit more elbow grease into finding the real deal, we find that the wines from their proper domaine shed so much light on the quality, purity, and vibrancy of their vines and the project at large. That said, we also feel it’s wildly important to listen to your own palate, seek out great wines across the board, and don’t jump on a hype train just because a Vice Youtube series told you to.