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Nuria Renom

Catalunya, Spain

We're really excited to have wines from Nuria Renom in the shop. If ever there was an example of a hard-working woman in wine, she is absolutely it. She cut her teeth working for more or less conventional winemakers until she landed upon a job in Italy where she got the taste for natural wine. From there her career grew and she landed in Barcelona as the somm at the much-loved Bar Brutal.  

Over time, she began working with winemakers on the side. Now - if that sounds crazy: being a full-time somm and having a full-time gig working with winemakers  - it's because it fully is (at least from the perspective of somebody who absolutely adores to sleep). In short, what we know for sure about Nuria is that she doesn't cut corners. 

Now she's branched out to a new project alongside Toni & Anna Carbo, who lend her vineyards and space in their cellar to vinify her own proper wines. And while the output is limited, the impact is great. Her wines teem with energy and aromatics: she drops in 10% skin macerated muscat to nearly everything, a woman after our own hearts. And while they're a touch on the wild side, they are nothing but a pleasure to drink, and show incredible promise from a woman not afraid to get her hands dirty.