Momento Mori

Victoria, Australia

Dane Johns is a complex and intense guy, with a big heart and a strong passion for winemaking and for the international community of natural winemakers that he belongs to.

Originally a musician and a barista, after a few twists and turns in life Dane began his winemaking journey, and now lives with his partner Hannah and their little son River, up in the hills of Gippsland in eastern Victoria.

Farming organically, and eschewing the use of sulphur Dane has two parcels of .75 hectares each, at 400m altitude in the Strezlecki Ranges, and 1.5 hectares in the Tonimbuk Valley to the north. Dane also has access to the vineyards and fruit of the Chalmers family in Heathcote, who have long been champions of growing lesser known (in Australia) Italian grape varietals such as nosiola, nero d’avola and moscato giallo to name a few, all of which have found their way into various cuvees from Dane over the years. With no fining, no filtration and no additives of any kind, the wines are fermented with indigenous yeasts and only see old oak. The first vigneron outside of Europe to be invited to use Laureano Serres’ and Joan Ramon Escoda’s ‘BRUTAL’ label, Dane gives life to wines with personality, vivacity and insane drinkability.