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Catalunya, Spain

Laureano Serres is a warm-hearted and infectiously joyous man, and these qualities ring true in all of his wines.  

He began his domaine, Mendall, in the late 90's when he left the local co-op that he'd been running when he moved back to his home town after packing in his job in the city. This story of a want to simplify life and return to nature is a common one amongst the wine-growers and makers represented on our shelves at Noble, and I’m sure many of them would hope to be as successful at it as Laureano. 

He farms just under 6 hectares in El Pineal in the Terra Alta, just over an hour to the south west of Tarragona. These were his family’s vines and he farms them with great attention and care, focussing on the needs unique to his varietals and environment and by using biodynamic principles. In the cellar  he works with many formats and styles of vessels for ageing, including amphorae, and since the early 2000s he has stopped adding any sulphites at all. 

Laureano has (quite rightly) become a champion of the no-intervention, traditional farming world of wine growing, in Spain and beyond. Together with his dear friend and peer Joan Ramon Escoda he channels his unassailable energies into heading associations and staging festivals dedicated to the world of natural wine, whilst continuing to actively encourage the growth and nurture the very soul of the scene.