Adelaide Hills, Australia

There’s plenty of lovely copy out there in the great expanse of the internet about Manon, and plenty of incredibly beautiful photos of their farm and vineyards to see via Instagram, so we highly recommend exploring these outlets as an addendum to our humble profile on this beautiful farm and winery.

The land on which Manon resides historically and traditionally belongs to the Peramangk peoples, the region’s original and rightful custodians. On this land the Peramangk were the first to have benefitted from the fertility of the region and the rich diversity of topography. At the time of colonisation, it’s recorded that at least 1800 Peramangk peoples inhabited the greater region now recognised as Adelaide Hills. Their communities were sometimes known as “Fire Makers” or “Red Ochre People” after their prolific use of pigments like red and yellow ochre, flint, and mineral pyrites, both in ceremony and in an array of artistic pursuits. Today in Adelaide, there are 69 art sites attributed to the Peramangk peoples and countless others yet to be rediscovered.

It’s on this fertile, deeply spiritual and historied land that Monique and Tim farm a total of 25 hectares with 15 planted under vine, situated on the Forest Range Ridge close to 600 meters above sea level. Richly stratified, mineral soils make for impossibly healthy growing conditions here, and a border of forest and the drifting oceanic breeze keep climates cool and protected against the harsh Australian sun. In this idyllic corner of Adelaide, the couple produce ever-evolving, charismatic wines that peak our interest with their charm and idiosyncrasies. 

Farming these sites is completely biodynamic, moving with the ebb and flow of the lunar cycle, tides, and the undulating energies of the region and ecosystem of the farm. Rather than planning wines before the vintage, Monique and Tim allow the harvest to dictate their plans for their fruit, and will adapt to the vintage in their vinifications. In the cellar, fermentations move at their own place and when finished, are bottled without any additions. 

Each vintage from Manon seems an evolution of complex and thoughtful winemakers, incredibly storied land, and those forces that connect the disparate elements and those outside of them completely. We wait every vintage with baited breath for the wines of Manon to land: a new chapter of one of our very favourite stories in wine.