Lucas Rieffel

Mittelbergheim, Alsace, France

A third generation winemaker based in Mittelbergheim, Lucas Rieffel has created a landscape for his wines that looks very different from when his grandfather produced his first sylvaner in 1946. Now part of a vibrant community of winemakers based in the area, including Catherine Riss and Jean-Pierre Rietsch, Lucas is among a growing number of forward-thinking winemakers looking towards organics and biodynamics for the revitalisation of their land and profession. Today, Lucas plays around with different vinification techniques, elevages, and enclosures, seeking to produce wines of wonderful clarity, precision, and representation of place. From what we’ve seen so far, it’s safe to say he’s succeeding. 

Since converting to organics in 2000 and achieving certification in 2012, Lucas Rieffel has carved out a little corner of Alsacian fame for himself with wines of immense quality that shout of their terroirs and the careful work both in the vineyard and in the cellar. Lucas Rieffel seems to us quite a versatile producer: we’ve been particularly moved by the quality of his sparkling wines: purity, stillness, and precision at the helm, and charmed by the raw, free, and just-wild character of his pinot noirs, pinot blancs, and macerations. In either iteration of his wines, the dense minerality and purity of Alsacian terroir shines through.