Les Valseuses

Arbois, Jura, France

Antoine Le Court-Chedevergne hails from Angers in the Loire Valley, an area where it seems only natural to form an interest in wine. His Grandmother had vines in Poitou, and Antoine ended up spending many years in the Loire, learning and working with various winemakers. His interest in beer and wine led him to travel widely, and it was in Brazil that he met his partner, Julia Naar who was working as a french translator. After traveling back to France they found themselves in the Jura, and Antoine began work as the cellar hand for Alice Bouvot. 

In 2018 Antoine and Julia produced their first vintage of Les Valseuses in Alice’s cellar, buying her fruit and borrowing her equipment, and not too long afterwards they purchased an old winemakers house in Les-Planches-près-Arbois, a tiny village (with a population of less than 100 people) which is just under ten minute drive to the south of Arbois, and is famous for its waterfall.

The house was built in the mid 1700’s and came with an impressive cellar, and it is here that they have installed their own enterprise. They have turned part of the house into a gîte named Casa Antolià, and should you be lucky enough to stay there you may even be treated to a complimentary bottle of two of the house wine. Historically Les-Planches-près-Arbois was a wine making village, though there basically no vines left there now. 

While they wait for their newly planted vines nearby to reach the right maturity, Antoine and Julia are purchasing organic, organic in conversion and biodynamically farmed fruit from friends and colleagues across France. When possible they will also travel to each location to help with harvesting the grapes that they will take home with them.

In the cellar they process everything manually, and the cuvées are individually born and/or blended according to what they feel the fruit they’ve bought has to say. Unfined and unfiltered, no sulphites are added at any stage, bottling is completed by hand and each wine is given a name according to a song that has given joy to or inspired the couple.

Their wines are brimming with vitality and their unrestrained curiosity, their sense of experiment and adventure shows brightly in each cuvée, and whilst we are excited by their current négociant project, we cannot wait to see what the future holds when Les Valseuses get to raise wine from their own domaine.