Les Capriades

Touraine, Loire, France

Pascal Potaire and Moses Gadouche produce wines in a small town outside of Tours, in the appellation of Touraine. It’s here they’ve honed their trade as deft winemakers, having applied themselves to the study and perfection of the method ancestral, perhaps now more commonly known as “petillant naturel” or “pet nat” if ya nasty. In all seriousness, this is the bread, butter, and raison d’etre of these winemakers. It’s a unique choice, to lean so heavily into a style of winemaking that’s often fraught with variables that could easily result in disaster; making pet nats is at once particular and precise, and at the same time completely uncontrollable. Because of their commitment to their trade, they’ve easily established themselves as the benchmark for French method ancestral wines, due in no small part to the consistent quality they continue to produce.