Léon Boesch

Alsace, France

In family hands since 1640…let that sink in for a second. 11 generations making wine on the same area of the Rhin River in Soultzmatt (Haut-Rhin). Difficult to imagine generational work in modern times. And considering its location on the far eastern edge of Alsace, close to Germany, we can safely assume the Boesch family has seen a thing or two throughout history. The vineyards sit neatly in the Vallèe Noble (not our namesake sadly) protected by the Vosges Mountains on soils of pink sandstone, clay and limestone.

Matthieu and Marie Boesch look after the domaine now with the 12th generation (daughters) in close sight. On their watch the vines have won favour with what can only be described as the whole cast of Bambi, fawns, birds and wildlife alike utilising the 14.5 hectare refuge. Most likely due to the that fact they take a very Ecocentric view on vine management and are certified biodynamic (Demeter).

Cellar work is clear and unfussy employing a long slow press throughout, indigenous yeasts and spontaneous fermentation with a very light and considered use of sulphur only at bottling.

Domaine Leon Beosch represents a deep rooted family history, consideration and hard work, focus, precision and extremely good value for what is essentially Grand Cru Alsatian territory. Table wine it is but there’s a touch more to it than that.

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