Laurent Saillard

Touraine, Loire, France

Laurent seems a rather metropolitan fellow compared to many of the winemakers we have the opportunity to meet. He comes from a hospitality background, having worked front of house at  Balthazar in Manhattan when it opened back in the mid 90s, and then venturing into opening his own restaurant with his then-partner, one that featured an exclusively natural wine list (a quite novel concept for that time). 

Since then the call to nature has changed Laurent’s trajectory. When the opportunity to buy some vines off the legendary Clos Roche Blanche came up, Laurent and fellow winemaker Julien Pineau split the property and took up the farming of the vines. Laurent’s been making wine there ever since, and with eye-catching labels and a bit of a modern flair about them, it’s no surprise his wines have been increasingly popular year over year. 

He makes wines that suit his history and the man himself; poised, smart wines that offer great stability and value at their price points.

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