Laherte Frères

Chavot, Champagne, France

Located between Epernay and the Vallee de la Marne, winemaker Aurelien Laherte farms a multitude of sites across 10.5 hectares with the help of friends and family. They’re needed on hand, as the sites are farmed in accordance with the lunar calendar, and to eschew the use of herbicides and pesticides, many homeopathic sprays are used in the vineyards. 

Aurelien is in fact the son of Thierry, one of the “freres” of Laherte-Freres along with Christian. Together they have a long lineage of winemaking in the region, and Aurelien represents the seventh generation of winemakers in the family. 

There’s been a wonderful momentum to the grower Champagne movement since Aurelien took the reins of the domaine, and he’s taken advantage of the community of like-minded vigneron around him, founding the group Terres et Vins in 2009 as a means to help connect grower Champagne and providing them an opportunity to showcase and share their wines every year. 

As a winemaker, Aurelien is measured and thoughtful in his choices in the cellar, making decisions a la minute for each cuvee. Some of our favourites coming from the domaine in recent time have been those without any added dosage, which have become something of a trademark of his wines. They are bold, lean, and fiercely mineral, speaking clearly to the land and the quality of the fruit. Like Aurelien, they are wines unafraid to announce themselves, and we are keen to hear what they have to say.