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La Senda

The name ‘La Senda’ means “the way” and is a nod to Diegos Losadas physical and mental tourney to becoming a vigneron, of the paths behind and that stretch out into the future. Diego was born in Ponferrada, in Bierzo in the Castilla y Leon region of north western Spain, and, after spending time in his childhood in Madrid and further afield in Spain, it was to Ponferrada that he returned when his ‘way’ led him on to becoming a vigneron.
In his youth Diego was keenly interested in music, it presented a freedom of ideals and expression that resonated with him. After studying organic chemistry at university he went on to intern and work for varied winemakers throughout Spain, but that feeling of freedom that he found in music and a want to express himself authentically and individually never left him and these feelings and ideas drove and shaped him as he began his own winemaking project in 2012.

He bottled bottled his premier cuvees in 2013 after converting his first parcels, Diego now farms 5 hectares of leased vines spread over 7 plots in the hills around Ponferrada, most of which are at around 650m elevation. The vines are old, with the youngest at around 50 years of ages and the oldest over 100 years.
He works with an exciting range of varietals,  mostly mencía, as well as garnacha tintorera, godello, doña blanca, palomino, and malvasia, planted on a cosmic blend of soils, stones and mineral deposits left  from the ancient sea that once covered the region - it could be clay, slate or clacerous slate peppered with a geologists dream of iron, gold, or quartz.

Organically farmed, the biodiversity and overall natural health of these plots is utmost for Diego. He prunes for low yields, to put less stress on the vine, and to produce grapes of high intensity and quality.