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La Grapperie

Loire, France

Renaud Guettier makes wine in Coteaux-du-Loir, a region mostly forgotten for winemaking post-phylloxera, but one with a long history of wine production dating back to the Middle Ages, when monks were the first to farm pineau d’aunis in the region. While Renaud doesn’t come from a winemaking family himself, he did study agronomy and spent the majority of his young life interested in plants and agriculture.

After a stint working in Africa with his wife, Renaud returned to Coteaux-du-Loir with a renewed interest in the region, and decided to take up management of a few sparse vines planted around the area. After a brief enrollment in oenology school and stints with various winemakers around Dijon, Renaud took up his new metier, starting off with just the miniscule hectarage of vines belonging to his father-in-law. Today, Renaud farms his 25 plots making up 5 hectares of vines with concentration and care, and does all his vinification in a disused quarry turned cellar dug into a limestone cliffside. Grapes are brought in and basket-pressed, and after fermentation, elevage takes place in old wooden casks. It’s a project that speaks volumes to the quality of the vines and terroir found here in this somewhat forgotten corner of the Loire, but more importantly to the care and dedication Renaud shows each and all of his wines.