La Gapette

Beaujolais, France

Victor Blondin didn’t start off his career in winemaking but we’re certainly glad his path led him there. After pursuing a doctorate in pharmaceuticals, Victor made the proverbial u-turn and decided to take his cousin, the youngest in a long lineage of winemakers, up on an offer to take over some vines in Saint-Etienne des Oullieres, not far from Mont Brouilly. This all happened in 2013, and by 2018 Victor had made the switch to fully organic farming and vinification without the addition of sulfites.

It’s on these granitic soils that Victor farms his 4 or so hectares, producing wines of energy and vibrancy we’ve come to expect from the region, but also with a youthful, playful charm that feels as though it takes risks to great reward.