Jacopo Stigliano

Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Jacopo is originally from Bologna and spent a lot of time traveling and working overseas before taking over old, mostly abandoned vines in Valsamoggia (near Orsi) in Emilia-Romagna, 2018 was his first vintage.

Whilst trying to preserve the historical local wine farming and culture of the area, Jacopo also wanted to emulate the wines that he remembered drinking with the old folk when he was younger.

The vineyards are planted with many varietals, for the whites they’ve been able to identify 12 so far which include chasselas and sauvignon blanc. The abandoned vines are up to 100 years of age and in some places had climbed out of the vineyard and up into the trees ans shrubs around. ‘Buriana’ means chaos in the local dialect, chosen to reflect the wild natural state of the vineyards and the fact that often they were harvesting grapes up ladders in the canopy (pictured on the label). All the varietals are hand picked at the same time irrespective of total ripeness, and they’re macerated together as Jacopo believes that the vineyard itself will provide the balance that the wine needs.