Herve Souhaut

Ardèche, France

Herve makes the wines he wants to drink; after having tasted a wine from Marcel Lapierre well before any acquisition of vines, he decided that if he were to ever make a wine, he’d follow the principles employed by Marcel.

Luckily enough for us, just a few years later, in 1993, his wife Beatrice inherited a few hectares of vines in Ardeche and with the help of notorious northern Rhone winemakers Jean-Rene Dard & Francois Ribo, he launched into a career as vigneron. Little by little he acquired more plots, and in due time, Herve saw the light and decided to dump the AOC with few exceptions (he produces one wine with the Saint Joseph appellation listed, and rightly so, given its prime real estate on the top of a famed Hermitage slope). 

From humble origins comes some of our favourite wines to drink from the region, often nimble with lithe tannins and a gentleness uncommon for the region that’s often producing wines that might sear your palate should you drink them in their infancy. Little by little his holdings have increased and we’re beginning to see the emergence of new cuvees, for which we’re waiting with baited breath. Now his daughters run the show, producing wines of immense character we adore drinking.